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Egni Eckert

Egni Eckert

Analia Egni Almiron Eckert, Born in October 6 in the year 1987 in Asuncion Paraguay. Eckert is a model and a beauty queen of Paraguay who won the title of Miss World Paraguay in the year 2010 to represent Paraguay in the contest of Miss World 2010.

Egni Eckert had her own reality show which is recognized as Intensamente Egni, which shown the personification the daily life of any one individual which includes full of parades, shopping, parties, friends and much more. The show also featured with the professional and family lifestyle of the model. The show was under making with the Polenta Paraguay, with the guideline of Luis Galeano. Eckert believed that she is extremely worried and concerned about her public image. She never wants to get into scandals or debates, and not always ready to put down her cloth suddenly. I want a diverse image, Eckert said.

The website Globo Esporte conducted a study of the beauties to recognize the view of people who strongly followed the Copa America. They want to know the importance of all the girls through this survey, in this survey 73000 individual made their vote. Egni Eckert won 46.7 percent of the make their choice, in which she was the winner, while Larissa Riquelme was on the second spot with 22.2%.

On Tuesday, August 9 she began the dance competition Dance Me Paraguay 2011, where she participated with the famous dancer with Anibal Aguilera "Cancheritoā€¯.
In 2010, Eckert decided to apply for casting of the preselecting of the Miss Universe Paraguay. In same year she was one of 18 official candidates for this event.

On 16 July this year, after a month of preparation she was selected for the finals in which she representing for the agency LaMartin SA in which she is one of the three queens representing Paraguay in international competitions.

Later than charming in the Miss World Paraguay, Eckert travels to the People's Republic of China to participate in the 60th Miss World competition. On the last night, Egni is named along with the 25 finalists, making it in the second Paraguayan who enters in between finalists after Daisy Ferreira, who was in the Top 15 in 1985.

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