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Popular Paraguayan festivals

Popular Paraguayan festivals

Many foreign travelers visiting Paraguay only for witness a variety of exciting festivals in February and July. Here are some festivals in Paraguay that having elements of social and religious Paraguayan history:

San Blas Fiestas

In February, the festival Nirgen de la Candelaria in Puno is the best to enjoy. A mixture of polka dances and other activities are also a nationally celebrated nearby December 2 to 14 February in every main cities of Paraguay.

Santa Semanta

Santa Semantais is also the most popular spiritual festivals in Paraguay, which celebrated in March. However it is considered holy is Sunday, when the Christians there also arrange religious.

Fiesta de San Juan

Paraguay’s biggest carnival is the Festival de San Juan is moreover called as the Festival of San Juan. This fiesta is generally occurred on June 24, at near about all main cities Paraguay.

Burning attractions of Judas Iscariot figurine and walking on hot coals, which have always been a regular ritual at the Festival de, San Juan.

Festival del Nanduti

Other attractive festivals in Paraguay are the Festival del Nanduti. Each July, generally the visitors can purchase at traditional market selling a variety of crafts and further industrial things.

La Virgen de la Mercad
This carnival is usually celebrated in September at the Punos traditional center. La Virgen de la Mercad as well it having the most vital religious importance for Paraguay.