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Paraguay's Indigenous People

Paraguay's Indigenous People

Paraguay is landlocked country, sharing borders with Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. Paraguayan people are mixed of relations between native indigenous people and invading Spanish people.

The Paraguayan indigenous people are of 17 different ethnic groups, having five types of different linguistic families. Among the total population of Paraguay, only 1.7% population is indigenous and remaining population is partially of native heritage. Most of the indigenous people live in northwestern part of the country.

Indigenous Paraguayans are having five different languages – Guayacuru, Guarani, Zamuco, Mataco-Mataguayo and Maskoy. The Guarani language, mixed with Spanish, is been used by Paraguayans and is official language of Paraguay; 90% of population speaks this language.

Indigenous people have some social issues. One of the important issues they have is literacy rate; literacy rate among indigenous people in Paraguay is quite low. Other problems are availability of clean drinking water and electricity. Only 2.5% of indigenous people have access to clean drinking water and only 9.5% of people have electricity.

Many indigenous people earn living for themselves through traditional ways such as fishing, hunting and gathering. It has been seen that, it is impossible for them to shift to agriculture for earning living because of variability in rainfall and low quality of soil.

Indigenous people of Paraguay are taking steps to inform international community about their condition and their problems. As a result, many human right groups are coming forward to help them.