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Hotel Jobs - A boon in rising Paraguayan tourism

Hotel Jobs - A boon in rising Paraguayan tourism

Paraguay has earned a reputation as a tourist destination in the recent past. The hospitality industry of Paraguay has become a major contributor in the development of its economy. Paraguay’s waterfalls, national parks, outstanding Jesuit missions, wetlands, forests and plains are some of the major tourist attractions.

In addition to its spectacular scenery, Paraguay is comparatively safe and friendly, which is an encouraging factor in its success. More than 12,000 jobs in hotels in Paraguay have been anticipated to arrive in the coming years.

Some facts about tourism and travel industry of Paraguay:

1. Is projected to grow to USD 943.2 million.

2. It is expected to account for 5.4% of GDP and 128,000 jobs (4.7% of total employment).

3. Growth expected is 4.3% annually between 2008 and 2017.

On the period of time Paraguay has focused heavily on ecotourism. At this time, when the hospitality industry is showing a healthy performance, is the perfect time to look for job in hotels in Paraguay. Following information will lead you to get an idea about the hotel jobs in Paraguay:

Getting a job in the hotel:

There are plenty of hotels in Paraguay, you need to see their websites and apply for a job that matches your qualifications and skills..

Job Type:

There are several types of employment can be found in the hotel structure of Paraguay like full time, part-time contracts, internships, etc.

Position Offered:

In a hotel industry there are mainly two types of jobs, non-management and management, while the level of management can be a:

# Manager of the hotel

# Food and Beverage Manager

# Managing a restaurant

# Chef etc.

While dishwasher, small bar, waiter, porter / goalkeeper, are some of the hotel jobs



For common or lower positions, such as dishwashers, bar boy etc. no qualifications are necessary, but for managerial positions, apart from the general academic degree, a specialized degree in hotel management, specializing in housekeeping, culinary, hospitality etc would be helpful.

Working hour:

Normally 40 hours per week according to international standards, but mainly depends on the status of the hotel.


Not specified, but depends on the skills and qualifications of the applicant and the status of the hotel.

Language needed:

Apart from English and Spanish, knowing another language (s) would be an advantage.