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Josefina Pla

Josefina Pla

Born in Spain in 1903, Josefina Pla was a playwright, poet, essayist, art critic, journalist, painter, poet and storyteller. She wrote short stories, poetry, essays and novels. Pla received many awards throughout her life for her literary work for defending human rights and equality between men and women).

Although, she was Spanish by birth, her name and work are totally identified by the culture of Paraguay. She has devoted her life to the Paraguayan artistic work and has contributed in the cultural development of the country. She has successfully entered in all genres and worked regularly in many foreign and local publications. As a tribute for her several years ’ work, she was awarded (by) the title “ Doctor Honoris Causa ” , by the National University of Paraguay.

She also received other awards which includes “ Lady of the Order of Isabel the Catholic ”, “ Woman of the Year ” in 1977, “ Medal of the Ministry of Culture of Sau Paulo ” , “ Trophy Ollantay ” , and “ Member of the Royal Spanish Academy of History< <

Josefina Pla came to Paraguay in 1926 and settled in Villa Aurelia and then to the capital of the country. From 1926, she arrived to Spain only twice until 1938 with her husband and in the meantime, worked in many magazines and newspapers of Paraguay with articles, poems and other literary texts.

Pla's husband died in 1937. After returning Paraguay, a year later she became one of the key figures of the renewal literary movement, especially in poetry which she led along with the nephew of her husband, Heriban Campos Cervera.

She has written many books some of which are “ The Price of Dreams ” (which was her first book), “ The Root and dawn ” , “ Faces in the Water ” , “ Invention of Death ” , “ Dust in love ” , “ Light Black ” , “ Time and Darkness ” , “ Dreams Shadows Change ” , “ The Thirty Thousand Absentee ” , “ The Flame and the Sand ” , “ Hand on Earth ” , and “ Mirror and the Basket ”